I will follow you wherever you go

Along your movements I find my life’s flow

And if you tell me not to follow

I simply won’t listen, as you well know

I think you’ve stolen something from me

Or maybe I gave it to you unwittingly

I know not what I’ve lost, but I can see

That by your side is where I’m to be

My life’s cadence dances off you

Like light that’s infused with a fiery hue

And when a sense of loss hits me out of the blue

The source of my strength comes gushing from you

The sound of your heart, the rush of your blood

Your life means more to me than my own ever could

And if what I have lost comes back in a flood

And you asked me to give it to you, I know that I would

My heart is what was lost to me

But I don’t want it back, you see

Because you’ve become the source of me

Will you be my heart for eternity?

By Helen C. Viorel, May 23rd, 2020

Artwork by cocoparisienne


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