Author’s Note: Happy St Valentine’s Day! This is a really bad poem I wrote just now. ~ H

Dark Angel ~ A Poem

Where I will wander through the night

Through thorns that pierce my soul

When once the world seemed black and white

It’s heartless grey and bitter cold

Pieces of me still linger here

Stray shards of my heart there

Crushed and cracked and strewn by fear

In battles that just weren’t fair

I wish my memories would fail

And scatter like shards of my heart

For in my mind such phantoms wail

I wish the regrets would just depart

But then along my path of pain

Wrapped in darkness too

I saw a light that didn’t wane

Thank God that light was you

You wrapped me in your angel wings

Which I saw were black as night

Your heart was full of tender things

And you captivate my sight

Life had given you your share

The pain in you was surely there

But in your violet eyes so bright

I found the will to brave the night.

~ by Helen Cryestira Viorel, 14th of February, 2020

Artwork by Darksouls1

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