Author’s Note: Happy Halloween to all the lovely mortals, immortals and undead! ~ H

The Ghost Who Walks In Candlelight ~ A Poem

Upon mountains carved by dragon’s flight

Shrouded in late October’s night

Within a castle torn by nature’s bite

Walks a lady-ghost all clad in white

She walks as a wandering angel might

In ever-burning candlelight

No deadly creature of the night

Her undead heart quite free of blight

Upon every Halloween night

The ghost who walks in candlelight

Fills her castle’s halls with light

The light of ghostly candles bright

To mortals watching in the night

A ghostly figure slim and slight

Flits here and there like a spectral sprite

Filling her home with candlelight

Although her dress is always white

Her hair seems made of candlelight

Her golden locks seem to ignite

Whenever she walks in candlelight

An owl glides softly through the night

Swooping down to here alight

On the walls of a castle so very bright

Where a lady walks in candlelight

And moths enamoured by the light

Fly forth in flocks of silk-winged flight

To roam the castle to the delight

Of the ghost who walks in candlelight

And before November dawn’s first light

The lady-ghost clad all in white

Will fill her last October’s night

With a thousand candles’ radiant light.

By Helen Cryestira Viorel, October 31, 2019

Artwork by DarkWorkX

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