Author’s Note & Dedication: Not my usual poem. Less rhyme, more emotion. To my precious Andromeda and Nathaniel. I love you both. ~ H

Glorious ~ A Poem

Never has to end

Never need to leave

But darling what’s the point?

If you’re not next to me?

Golden silver grey

Bright and warm as day

Raven ochre dark

Shadowed cold and stark

My lips were never meant to kiss

My heart not made for love like this

I was given all the world

If I could only resist you

Opulence and decadence

Were promised to be mine

But I would cast it all away

To see you one last time

A day that need not ever end

Goodbyes that I need never say

A knife to my heart this promise though

For it never said you’d stay

I would choose you every time

If but my choice were really mine

Promise me you’ll look away

And forget all that I might say

Neglect, regret, I know these well

A thousand tales I’ll never tell

Not even to you

Not ever

You don’t need to know

I can still go

To keep you safe

Because that’s all I’ll ever do

If I have to stand between you and the world, I will

I will protect you with all that I am

I’m nothing but shadow and aether, and some shards of a long-broken heart

But if I’m capable of loving you

Then I’m a more glorious creature than I could have imagined.

~ Helen Cryestira Viorel, 24th August, 2019

Artwork by darksouls1

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