Author’s Note: I was deliriously tired when I wrote this, so it may sound… Delirious. ~ H

Midnight Beauty

Walking softly amidst the night

Her lips have turned from blue to white

A child as fair as the breaking dawn

Her feet are cold, her shoes are worn

Once she bore a radiant smile

But it has been gone for quite a while

Her lips have turned from grey to blue

Her eyes keep coming back to you

Amidst the night she lived and died

And now forever cursed to glide

She grew up over the years

A face of beauty to hide your fears

Her eyes once grey are crimson now

Upon cold lips she repeats a vow

“Too long now, I’ll never go

And earthly rest, I’ll never know.”

Follow her, it is your duty

They call her the Midnight Beauty

Reach out amidst the broken veil

Till joy is stagnant and warmth is stale

Her lips will whisper the same old song

Don’t hesitate, don’t leave her long

Midnight is no time for fear

If you call her name, you’ll hold her here

Midnight Beauty, queen of sorrow

Her starlit road you’ve sworn to follow

You call her name, she’s by your side

Her broken whispers to you confide

Reach for her hand and let her know

That she must stay and you won’t go

Deadly pale and cruelly cold

Is the lady’s hand that you will hold

Her eyes are empty of her song

Already broken yet so strong

Mortal life was never hers

No mortal song has reached her ears

Sing her a song and it will set her free

Beneath the crescent moon where the mist and starlight be

So go to the place where her footsteps tread the veil

Go find the Midnight Beauty, so lovely and so pale

The Midnight Beauty with whispers on her lips

Amidst the darkness where all the moonlight slips.

~ by Helen Cryestira Viorel, Friday, 19th July, 2019

Artwork by ariadne-a-mazed

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