If you let me love you

Perhaps the world won’t fall

Fate can concede a dalliance

And you’re the fairest of them all.

If you look behind you

I’ll smile from across the room

Join me in a final dance

A dance towards our doom.

Lady of the pinewoods

Needles in your hair

Sharpness in your eyes as well

But just maybe you care.

Lord of the humble lilies

My heart pledged unto thine

Perhaps I may have loved to high

To hope you might be mine.

We were lovers in the summer

When romance fills all hearts

Yet summer past, and we still loved

And still cannot be apart.

It was meant to be a dalliance

Meant to come and go

We thought our hearts invincible

And now both of us know.

Lonely, proud and haughty

Long ago we used to be

I used to live a careless life

Now you’re everything to me.

Your heart is nigh invincible

Yet it beats in tune with mine

We learned to sing each other’s song

And we’ll sing it till the end of time.

~ Helen Cryestira Viorel, Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Artwork by schuetz-mediendesign

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