Though drowned in pain

She rose again

And let the others burn

If nothing else

She saved herself

She saved the life she earned

With heart so black

Soul not intact

She had the strength to dance

In tattered dress

Away distress

For it’s her only chance

A chance at life

Away from strife

Where none would hunt her down

A maiden free

Where she can be

The queen without a crown

So dance away

And never stay

For love or friendship short

She can’t stay down

Or else she’ll drown

She’s not the caring sort

No love impart

To her black heart

For she will not return it

Give her your soul

She’ll eat it whole

Or she will surely burn it

The dancing queen

Has always been

Her loveliness eternal

Yet you will find

She is not kind

Her beauty quite infernal

Attend the fire

However dire

It must forever burn

And in the night

Flames bold and bright

Her story you will learn.

– by Helen Cryestira Viorel, Monday, 17th of June, 2019

Artwork by KELLEPICS

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