I look at you now

Because you are smiling

With joy that can’t fail to draw my gaze

The days and the nights

I spent listlessly whiling

Are long gone since you came

You came like the dawn

Full of light and beguiling

Coaxing me out of my shell

The way that you move renders me quite distracted

And I suspect you can tell

You flirt and you dance but sometimes you’re abstracted

Sometimes you act just like me

Youthful of face yet your eyes seem retracted

It’s a burden clear to see

Once you were tired

And your smile

Fell and faltered

And you were there for a while

Without your mask you seem sad, you seem altered

A state I spent half my life knowing

Then you resumed your mask

And you went back to glowing

And I saw myself echoed in you

So I pasted on smiles and I joined you in your game

And watched you stare at me too

With you in my life things have never been the same

I can’t quite breathe without you

For now I will tease

And perhaps play along

Try to topple your ease

And perhaps masquerade

Like a creature who belongs

Try to mimic your song

And maybe one day when we end up as fast friends

We can drop our facades

We can stop playing life like a tense game of cards

And set down our heavy guards

I’ll stay with you

Through it all

Until that day

Merely a thought, what do you say?

~ Helen Cryestira Viorel, Monday, May 27th, 2019

Artwork by Arte-Anonima

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