“My Heart Knows You”

My fair fellow creature

Born of love and light

Your healthy glow so free

Captivates my sight

Unburdened by the weight

I’ve carried all my life

Perhaps that’s why I look at you

So carefree kind and blithe

I have no idea who you are

I met you just this day

But maybe we were closest friends

Long ago and far away

Maybe the burden I carry

Was first given unto you

Maybe I took it out of love

For our friendship was so true

Neither one of us can tell

If this speculation fits

Illogical wild fantasy

But love wins over wits

I confuse you I can see

By the question in your eyes

But my heart feels so attuned to you

And my heart never lies

Our world is more than we can know

So do not disregard

This absent loving theory

Leave my daydreams unmarred

My words may sound so odd to you

But all I mean to say

Is maybe I loved you so much

In another time and day

Love is just the strangest thing

Like fragrant petals on the breeze

Drifting brazenly across our lives

And through doors that have no keys

Memory may choose to hold

And there’s not much I forget

The feelings of my heart so old

Not quite forgotten yet

Your heart differs so much from mine

You don’t know me like I know you

You’re more aware of passing time

But my heart knows you and this is true

Confusing us lifetimes apart

By tenderness in oddest ways

None shall ever decode the heart

But let it have its whimsy plays.


~ Helen Cryestira Viorel, Monday 11th of March, 2019

Artwork by 4047369

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