The night is full of shadowed things

And music that the cricket sings

And softly stepping faery feet

And faery wings so light and fleet.

Parted curtains inside allow

The radiance from the moon’s fair brow

Like insubstantial shards of glass

White beams of moonlight softly pass.

Islets made of motes of dust

That flutter if a breeze should thrust

Them off from their mild lilting course

Playful displays of faery force.

Moonbeams cast a festive glow

On the faeries milling to and fro

Converging for their Moonlight Ball

And dressed in splendour one and all.

Musicians of the faery land

Take their violins in ready hand

And play their mirthful melodies

Fit for the ears of royalty.

A hush of awe runs through the crowd

And faery violins sweet and loud

All cease to watch a newcome fae

Her midnight hair all streaked with grey.

She bears herself with stately pride

On emerald wings she proudly glides

Her gown is fine and apple green

She is the lovely Faery Queen.

A smile pricks at her stately lips

And music sways her stately hips

And faery folk dance with their queen

A merry moonlit heartfelt scene.

As faery dancers start to tire

And toothsome boon they much desire

The queen sends off her serving maiden

To fetch the tables richly laden.

When the maid returns she leads

The bearers of the promised feast

Enchanted tables arranged well

Diffusing a delicious smell.

As they lower to the ground

The faery folk all gather round

To partake of fragrant faery stews

And cakes and breads and lemon chews.

And sumptuous golden faery wine

The goblets bright silver and fine

They dine exchanging faery talk

Above the clatter of the faery forks.

The Moonlight Ball should have no end

But dawn approaches round the bend

And human beings begin to stir

Tis time to part the fae concur.

The Faery Queen gets up to stand

And gives a kind wave of her hand

In sweetest of royal goodbyes

On emerald wings away she flies.

The faery folk follow her lead

Taking off with faery speed

One by one or groups entwined

They leave the moonlight far behind.

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